Drawing Made Easy

Scratchwork goes beyond the traditional online whiteboard model with usage scenarios designed specifically for classrooms and engineering teams and an api for developers.

Draw Anywhere

Scratchwork extracts drawings from photos, making ordinary paper and dry erase boards workable.

Develop Your Ideas

Edit and reorganize drawings. Write on infinite space, blank pages, slides, and documents. When finished, print or export them as a PDF.


Share and edit with others in real time. Text chat, audio, and video calls are built in.

Keep organized notes,
mark up documents easily

Scratchwork saves time

Scratchwork is ideal for rough, unpolished ideas that you want to keep, but aren't ready to publish or present to the CEO. Don't waste time perfecting something you might erase later.

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Share ideas in person
and remotely

Whiteboard photos become live documents here

In the office, a whiteboard conversation often ends up as a picture on someone's phone. Scratchwork helps your team continue the collaborative process after the whiteboard has been erased.

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Engage students without
changing your lesson plan

Scratchwork is ideal for classrooms on a budget

Let students solve problems on paper and submit photos of their work. Scratchwork makes it easy to

  • Prepare class worksheets on the fly
  • Incorporate multiple students' work in a single class worksheet
  • Use Chromebooks and iPads effectively in STEM classrooms
  • Hold online office hours and tutoring sessions
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Make your app paper-friendly
with our API.

Join us in building the future for handwritten work.

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A special thanks to
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Scratchwork was made possible with support and guidance from Princeton, Penn State, and Cambridge Universities.

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